Scott qualifies on eighth row in Thailand

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For Scott Redding, the biggest difficulties of the Thai GP weekend so far arrived in qualifying. Pretty consistent in his practice sessions, the British rider had problems braking when trying to increase his pace for the flying lap.

This is a limitation that kept him from moving any farther forward than the eighth row on the starting grid.

“At the start of qualifying something must have happened with the saddle, because it was particularly slippery and on these bikes, you need grip to be able to ride. We also had some problems in braking. When pushing for the fast lap, the lever had to be adjusted practically on every braking section because the temperatures rise too high. Because of these two problems, I lost the first part of the session and then I was able to improve my time, but it wasn’t enough. I am focusing on the ride. The bike is performing well, but we are simply lacking a few tenths, especially when we try to push to lower the time.”