Scott takes stunning Race 1 win in Barcelona

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Race-1 of the Catalan Round, held in wet conditions after the rain that fell late in the morning, entered by right in the history of the Racing -Ducati team thanks to the amazing victory of Scott Redding and the third place of Michael Rinaldi.

Scott didn’t get off to the best start, finding himself in 11th position after 2 laps. From lap 7, however, Scott’s race pace grew vertically and allowed him to get closer to the leading group. In the last 7 laps, Redding was perfect and took an extraordinary victory.

Scott Redding ( Racing – Ducati #45)
“The first few laps were really difficult. From the middle of the race, though, I started to gain confidence. If I have to be honest, when I arrived close to the podium group and saw two Ducatis in front of me I thought, “I’ll take some risks but I want to win”. I’m very happy to have given this satisfaction to my team. Let’s keep on thinking race by race and then we’ll take stock at the end of the season”.