Scott leaves Barcelona with confidence for next round

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Scott Redding

Bonovo action BMW Racing Team
(SP Race: 12 / R02: 11)

“The weather today was unexpected. We had some rain this morning so we did not ride in the warm up. The Superpole Race was quite good for me. I felt pretty good so I managed to gain some confidence for race two. There, I was really motivated to finish in the top ten. That was my goal. I came off the start, I came together with Dominique Aegerter so I lost some positions. Then in turn three, Iker Lecouna just ran me off the track, so I lost again some positions and then we kind of settled; the group was trying to save the tyres. Then there was a big crash in turn one. I am happy that they both walked away okay from it. There was a gap I had to try to close and I used my tyre more. I felt good on the bike, that was the main thing. I felt that I could actually push the bike and start to race and have confidence. On the last few laps, the tyre dropped more. I finished 11th in the end; the top ten was there. So I was happy, because Barcelona is one of the worst tracks in the calendar for me and I came away with confidence which is the first time in three years that this has happened, so I look forward to the next round.”