Smokey bacon
Just a little wheelie for #wheeliewednesday
Tucked in on Tuesday.
What’s you favourite day of the week and why ?
Rally day! ..... classic -
#audi #classicrally
Aragon World Superbike Test on Factory Aruba Ducati!!⚡⚡⚡ First official WSBK test at Aragon circuit. Finally got chance to spin a few wet laps on the ol Panigale and then make some good changes to the bike ready for the season.
I aim to VLOG a lot more ...
Jerez day 1. Tested a few things today... including the gravel. We improved the feeling for what wanted so I look forward to another day tomorrow
@aruba.it_racing -
@mcavadini 📸
Getting excited on this #wheeliewednesday #wheelie #ducati #motogp #standup
Time to shine.
When there is hype. You gotta fly babbiee.
Hold my beer boys, lets just pinch this record as we are on are way through...
Sorry @ryanvickers7
Getting the buzz for riding again 🔥 Jerez next 👀
When I say LITTY!
You say RIOT! 🔥 .. LITTY.......
@thelittyestcommittee @paulbirdmotorsport 📸 David Johnston.
#party #fullsend #lit #goodtimes #luxurylifestyle
The only day you will see @reddingpower being a pretentious ****** ....... swipe right it didn’t last long -
#rolex #party #limo #life #moet #highlife #luxurylifestyle
Riding past a house party playing Drum & Bass......... 👀 👂🏼 -
#music #drumandbass #live #life #ride #hardwork
#throwback to the mx trip in Spain before testing my @worldsbk -
📸 @artracing
Track @parcmotorvallgorguina
#mx #training
Absolutely true. I sat down with my manger and family at the end of 2018 after suffering many deep dark times and said “I’m really done with risking my life for 15th-19th position. Find me a bike and a team ...
Too the chance to put the work in on a wet track at Aragon. Was very useful to have a wet track for me as I didn’t get much time on wet tracks with Pirelli Tyres in my past !
Double training session today 🥵 -
@jpitman_fightfactoryboxing_ 🥊 @andyharrisboxing
Give the middle finger to dirt with the epic Muc-Off pressure washer. Back in stock and now available in the UK, EU and US. Head to to grab one!
- @mucoff #mucoff
Let’s the sunrise. Be grateful for every breath of air. Make some one smile.
Chaz “ hey Scott you wanna come and play catch?” Me “chaz get your leathers on bud and help me dry the track” 😂
@aruba.it_racing @chazdavies7
Hey @serafinofoti it’s Friday! “Okay Scott let’s party”
#party #fun #team #aruba #ducati
Little raw clip into turn one... can’t see much but better put that volume 💯
!BROKEN FEMUR! behind closed doors "PRE SEASON" how did I do it. heading to Spain to be ready for 2019 BSB championship, little did I know I would spend most of my time there in different hospitals and recovering to be ready for the first official bsb test In Monteblanco just over ...
First Feeling for 2019! Vlog #1 Ducati Panigale V4R check out how my first test of 2019 went with PBM racing. first stop we went to Monteblanco. from there we headed to Portimiao where I took my first crash with the panigale.
Cartagena OnBoard Scott Redding! check out the onboard of Cartagena with Panigale V4 Ducati
NEW ANDALUCIA TRACK IN SPAIN TESTED BY SCOTT REDDING My first time on the new Andalusia track,
what was my first impressions.
On Board Almeria by Scott Redding 01/03/2019
1 lap on board Panigale V4
by Scott Redding
event ¨Bike Promotions & Track Sense Track Days¨
Onboard Scott Redding Valencia Circuito with Panigale V4 on board 1 lap of Valencia circuit with Scott Redding
Multi-Finger braking EXPLAINED by Scott Redding In this video here I want to explain to you how to use different style of braking to suit different corners. Hope this helps you in the future.
!UNSEEN FOOTAGE! Scott Redding strips for final MotoGP race at Valencia Unseen footage of Scott Redding striping after his final MotoGP race ! After 10years !
🎅🏼SANTA POWER!🎄 660hp sleigh 🛷 Santa Power. OUT OF CONTROL! before he gets back to work !!!! #santa #mustang #crazy #donut #rev have a great 2019 my babbbies
Scott Redding INJURY & RECOVERY 😳 See why I have been so quiet the last weeks!

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